Welcome to South-West Finland

Business regions of Turku, Uusikaupunki, Rauma and Pori form excellent combination of innovations, industry, trade and logistic operations. 

The region is a remarkable cooperation zone, combination of high level industry and know-how. We have world-class marine cluster, half of the medical businesses in Finland are located in the region and our logistical position is superb.


South-West Finland – high level industry and know-how

South-West Finland is one of the fastest-growing regions in Finland. With population of 700 000  it`s the third largest urban region in Finland. With nine top universities and colleges, South-West Finland is one of the most knowledge-intensive regions in Europe.

A strong marine cluster

The long tradition of shipbuilding and trade has played a significant role in the development of the region. About one third of the marine industry in Finland is located in South-West Coast. In addition to five modern ports, shipping companies and shipyards along the long coastline form an effective ecosystem and platform for businesses to grow.

Excellent location between east and west

The logistic position of South-West Finland is unique – its's a gateway for trade between east and west and a crossing point for road, railway, boat and air traffic. Region is a growth centre with innovative clusters, where municipalities actively offer good locations for companies. To guarantee smooth logistics the region is investing in forward-looking solutions such one hour train to capital area and fast connections to reach Stockholm as fast as possible.

Talents to boost your business

Nine universities and colleges with over 50,000 students provide skilled employees for every trade.

Based on your needs, we are willing to help you to get connected to the ecosystem of high-class companies, universities and research organisations. Through us you will find the right expertise to build your business in South-West Finland!


Our aim is to make South-West Finland

the best place to do business!